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Joy B., CEO Ignite Inc

“I am the owner of an Employment Headhunting Agency, so I needed a printer that could print a lot of documents very rapidly. I also do graphic work for my marketing clients and needed to be able to print beautiful color brochures. 
I had a very small budget so I needed one printer at a reasonable price that could handle both types of jobs. Not an easy task. 
When I explained my dilemma to Joanne Proefrock, she went right to work! Even though I am a much smaller client than she usually handles she treated me as professionally as you would expect someone to treat a Fortune 500 company. She did the research and quickly found me the exact printer to meet my needs. I highly recommend you contact Joanne for any of your printer/business equipment needs.”

S.R., Adminstrative Assistant for Attorney
"I know this is a big favor you guys are doing for us, and I want you to know we appreciate it a lot. You guys have helped us out a lot with all our issues with the other machine and then getting the new machine. BTW, the new machine is still fantastic. You guys rock - thank you SO much!"
S.K., Accounting Manager for Real Estate Broker
"Your crew was tremendous. Before your crew showed up there were so many people complaining about not having a working copier. Everyone was cheering after your crew left because they had a working printer. It is very stressful not having a copier machine in the office. Thank you so much for your expedient service." 
R.S., Marketing & Sales Manager of a Local Hotel
"(we are) very happy with Office Products Services. They give our hotel excellent service!"
J.E., Owner of a new Real Estate Office
"Thanks for everything and please tell the owner thank you as well. This trust means a lot especially that your company helps the little guy starting off. We are a small brokerage re-opening our doors so sincerely thank you!"
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