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How Environment Can Affect Your Copy Quality


Too much or too little can affect the performance of your copier. Paper is very susceptible to changes in the environment and if the paper begins to curl it can easily cause a jam. If you are in an unusually high or low humidity situation it is a good idea to check your paper drawers to see if the paper is laying perfectly flat. If not, simply remove and reverse the stack so the curl is on the down-side.
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Static Electricity

This is another common problem we see often in Alaska. An easy fix for that winter air is to add a humidifier to your copy room or office. Your equipment, employees and plants will thank you. You can also make a point of 'fanning' your pages before placing the ream of paper into the machine. This will break the contact enough to avoid pulling multiple sheets of paper at one time. If the problem continues call Office Products Services to get an adjustment.

Frequent Jams

The most common cause of a paper jam is mismatched paper specifications. On older machines, especially, a drawer is set for a specific paper size and type but the user has a document that needs to print on a different-sized paper. The copier doesn't understand and will register a jam. Alternately, The user asks for a specific type of paper, say card stock from the bypass, but that paper is not actually in that tray but placed in drawer one.
Solution?? Double-check paper size and type, under the preferences tab of your print driver, to make sure it agrees with what is loaded into the machine.
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